Some of the projects School Street has completed include:


  • Advised the principal owners of an $85 million manufacturer of specialty chemical and plumbing components on developing a growth plan and planning process, acquisitions, financing, and management incentives.
  • Convinced the owner of a highly profitable testing laboratory to postpone a premature sale of his company, and developed a growth plan for the business which has generated substantial wealth for him.
  • Led owners and management of a midwest banking company through a profit improvement and reorganization planning process. Subsequently retained by board to monitor plan implementation and advise on strategic alternatives.
  • Developed detailed growth and financing plans for a large entertainment enterprise, a fast-growing family-owned distribution company, a fast-growing instrumentation company, and two manufacturing subsidiaries of a New York Stock Exchange company.


  • Preserved founder control of a health care information company through a five-year period of planned growth, financed by corporate strategic partners, prepaid licensees and individuals.
  • Advised the founders of a graphics software company through early stage financing, and in the later sale of their business to a publicly traded acquirer that left them financially independent.
  • Guided the founders of a real estate information company through their first external financing, which included participation by a leading commercial bank, and in a subsequent round by a leading Internet investment fund.
  • Assessed strategic alternatives and developed operating plan for a rapidly growing speech technology company, and then managed interim and large institutional financings. Subsequently retained by board to advise on operating and financing matters.

Exit and Liquidity

  • Enabled the owners of a fast growing communications software company to achieve financial independence by resolving differences among the principals, developing the company's first business plan and offering memorandum; and executing an equity fundraising process which led to sale of the business.
  • Managed the sale of a $70 million, southern-U.S. engineering and manufacturing subsidiary of a New York Stock Exchange company.
  • Advised the CEO of a midwest, publicly traded, largely family-owned bank holding company which had become an acquisition target, and which was subsequently acquired with highly favorable results for shareholders.
  • Wrote offering memoranda, coached management, solicited acquirers, and advised a UK corporation in divesting two technology subsidiaries.
  • Advised the developers of intellectual property protection software in a merger of their company with a west coast Internet security company, which subsequently became a successful IPO.