Our relationships with client companies address all functional areas of the business, focusing throughout on implications for valuation and financing. We work closely with owners to:

  • Define the owners' short- and long-term business and personal objectives
  • Develop detailed operational and financial growth plans for the business that achieve owners' objectives — based on thorough understanding of market opportunity, competitive position, financial resources, and management experience
  • Quantify the capital (equity and/or debt) required for growth
  • Assess the business's market value for purposes of fundraising or sale
  • Identify and assess the attractiveness of acquisitions that complement the business
  • Position the business and its management to attract capital, acquisitions or acquirers on the most favorable terms possible, by effectively communicating the client's distinct market opportunity, competitive position and management quality
  • Guide the process of attracting capital, acquisitions, or acquirers, from solicitation through negotiation and closing
  • Continue to advise owners on operational, financial or other issues, including when to exit and achieve liquidity

School Street delivers experienced
judgment and practical plans for
profitable growth, favorable
financings and building value.